If we evaluate the game at low and medium stakes, we can conclude that it is distinguished by a rather high preflop activity.
Several possible scenarios can be considered, the development of which occurs at this stage after the raise and the opponent’s call back. However, the most common of all situations is the need to make a decision on whether or not to make a continued bet, which is called pin-bet in most cases.
Making the final choice, you should take it as carefully and seriously. This is due to the fact that the bet in the continuation not only requires you to invest a lot of money, but also provides opponents with a lot of information about the hand of the player who committed such a move. There are various factors that must be taken into account when making this kind of bet. It is about them and will be discussed further.
The role of the flop
Thinking about the continuation bet, you need to evaluate the presented flop. It may be dry or wet. In the first case, the likelihood that the opponent will be able to collect a decent combination will be quite large, and in the second there will be little chance of strengthening the hand.
It is quite obvious that it is dry flop that is preferred in situations where you need to use a cont bet. This state of affairs is a guarantee that the opponent will take a more careful approach to his own call or raise in response to a continued bet. However, this does not mean that it is worth relying solely on the situation on the flop. After all, some players make a retaliatory move even when they are in an extremely unfortunate position, while others decide to abstain, having a rather strong combination in their hands.
Image matters
The image of a poker player, which is gradually being formed day after day, can safely be called the main factor, on the basis of which, other players will draw conclusions about the contact bet made by him. It is important to remember that the more definite opinions his opponents managed to add up regarding one poker player, the more important it will play. It should also be borne in mind that many draw conclusions based on recent distributions, since recent behavior and inclinations are most easily remembered.

When is a better bet?