When in the gameplay you have to make a difficult decision, impatience can play a cruel joke with you and cause you to lose a decent amount of money. It is better to wait at least a minute before taking an ill-considered step. Sometimes it is worth analyzing the course of the distribution, counting pot odds – such thoughts should arise in your head every time you have to resolve a difficult situation. Although, hardly any of the poker players often does this, even despite the fact that a rather large amount of money is at stake. Instead of tedious intellectual work, it is much easier to succumb to the impulse of his instinct.
Therefore, the main task of pokers is to learn to be patient. You may find it absurd that the lack of action is acceptable for an active game of poker. But patience can definitely lead you to the coveted victory.
Interesting experiment
To understand that success and patience are interrelated, let’s forget about poker for a moment and consider the famous “mаrshmallow experiment”, which was conducted by Stanford scientists in the 60s. The psychologist gathered a group of four-year-olds who were offered to eat marshmallows: one after another. During the experiment, the children could use the marshmallow at once or wait a few minutes until the professor returned, after which they could receive 2 pieces of sweetness at the same time.
An interesting point in this experiment is that the professor managed in 18 years to gather the same group. As a result, it turned out that the “impatient children” who ate marshmallows before the arrival of the psychologist scored 200 points less in the SAT exam than children who waited for the second marshmallow.
It turns out that children who are able to show their patience and get their reward for it were more intelligently developed compared to children-grabbers. This was reflected in their success in personal, creative and business life.
Who would have thought that the ability to wait a few minutes could seriously affect a person’s success in the future?

What can impatience in poker lead to?