Many smart and talented players make an identical mistake. They are trying to fight tilt right away and wait for lightning-fast big results. But such a rush often goes sideways.
The success of online poker is a profitable selection of tables and well-built HUD. With the help of existing programs you can get acquainted with the site statistics and evaluate the actions of opponents. Knowing the type of opponents (the level of passivity or aggressiveness), the player plans the best moves.
As a rule, a profitable strategy for a newbie is to apply a tight-aggressive style. Free Pokerstove program will help a person navigate the parameters and data ranges. Thus, you can enter the game with strong hands, which means that decisions will be much easier and much more accurate.
Literate approach to playing the game
The old statement that money in poker is earned on the button is relevant to this day. That is, in early positions it is worth playing fewer hands, and in later ones – more. You can do this by raising and re-raising, compensating for the money that is lost in the blinds. In order not to look like an obvious loser before the flop, you should compare your bets with the size of the pot in advance. No need to increase the range in one size.
First, determine the size of your opponent’s stacks and the level of personal blinds, and then raise.
Secondly, there are some protection techniques that allow you to lose fewer chips.
Thirdly, it is important not to succumb to provocation and, at times, only rely on your gut feeling.
Remember: making the next move, you should calculate the extracted profit. But the amount that you can spend on yourself, playing poker, it is desirable to think over before you start the game process. Keep in mind that today, winning is possible subject to continuous updating of skills, visits to training portals and coaching.
You should never forget what type of opponent you are fighting and not hesitating to flop on micro limits getting used to it.

How to beat the cash games on microlimits