The simplest explanation of this term is the fоllowing formulation: an indicator that reflects the deviation of one or sеveral random variables from their expected value. Accоrdingly, the variance in pоker is the diffеrence between the amount you plan to get in the lоng run and the numbеrs available in the short run. You can learn more about the intricacies of the game in the poker school.
In order to adequately play Russian poker and achieve really effective results, it is required to take this indicator into account and build an appropriate strategy.
No one doubts that poker is a game that requires a competent approach, a certain skill, as well as possession of a number of skills and knowledge. But besides this, the end result depends on such a thing as luck. After all, even the best and most experienced player can not have any influence on the cards.
The only correct solution is the realization that dispersion exists and exerts its unconditional influence on the process of the game and its outcome. Therefore, before playing poker for real money, it should be understood that no one is immune from the most unexpected twists of fate.
How variance affects poker
There are several factors that may affect the variance. They can increase or decrease it.
Factors affecting variance:
One of them is the style of the game, since a tight player is in a much better position than a person who prefers a loose-aggressive manner. This is due to the increase in the number of difficult hands in the second case, which significantly increase the risks and, consequently, the probability of losing impressive amounts;
influenced by the selected type of game. In some of them, the dispersion level is much lower, which is very important. When choosing between limit and no limit games, preference should be given to the first option. With an increase in the size of the maximum possible rates, the variance also increases. Accordingly, despite the fact that the probable amount of winnings in case of success also increases, the chances of losing your own money become even greater;
in order to reduce variance, you should pay attention to large MTT tournaments. This is explained quite simply, since a large number of competitors are compensated by a large amount of potential gain.

Dispersion while playing Russian poker